This wiki was created as a virtual space to guide and equip postgraduate students with relevant information and links when having to use and manage information resources.
Administrators of this wiki are University of the Western Cape postgraduate students, who are enrolled in an ICT application in LIS course. The wiki is a project for the course and the information which is populated in this wiki is drawn from work related first-hand experience as well as the literature. With this wiki we also intend to equip those who seem to take for granted that they are well equipped for their studies.
Information search and management of information have been identified as key skills that postgraduates need training for (Dingley, 2010:1). This, together with the other key findings from the Dingley report (2010:2) supplied the focus for the wiki:

We hope you find what we have shared here helpful. Good luck and success with your research and studies!

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The Careers Portal managing my career is a SA marketing and postgraduate student support programme, initiated by the National Research Foundation (NRF). The website is read by more than 30 000 people per month to get current information on bursaries, learnerships, college courses and other related information.
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Dingley, E. 2010. Postgraduate Information Needs and Online Tools Awareness [Accessed 19 April 2013].

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